Student Testimonials

“Robin Jones has been an amazing online tenor banjo teacher and all round nice guy. From the first 5 minutes he spotted where I most needed to work on and I've improved ever since. His Zoom lessons are fun and completely tailored to what I want to learn. The video summaries at the end of the lessons are really helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robin as a teacher.” 

Dom - Irish Tenor Banjo Student (UK) 

“Robin is an amazing Irish Bouzouki player and a natural teacher. He’s always enthusiastic and engaging, the Zoom lessons are great fun and the video recaps are invaluable. He’s improved my Irish Bouzouki playing immeasurably and I feel really lucky to have found him.” 

George - Irish Bouzouki Student (UK) 

"I've been working with Robin for over a year (on Zoom) on  the Irish tenor banjo (and a little bit of Irish Bouzouki). I have very little musical experience and knowledge but Robin always manages to make me sound brilliant. He is encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable. He's easy going, while gently nudging you with the correct way of doing things. He listens and knows how to help you improve when you get stuck. He has the patience of a saint, no matter how long it takes you to learn a piece. I can't say enough good things about him. You can't go wrong in hiring him as your teacher!" 

Sian - Irish Tenor Banjo / Irish Bouzouki Student (USA)  

“I just started taking online mandolin lessons from Robin, and already feel I've improved in my playing! I really appreciate how Robin took the time to get to know me, my musical journey, and understand my level of playing. He then identified the gaps in my knowledge and began building lessons with clear steps and learning targets to build upon in order to achieve my goals. He's kind and encouraging, and weaves technical practice into a musical context to reinforce the skills and keep it fun! I'm really enjoying learning from Robin and am excited to continue working with him.”  

Carrie - Mandolin Student (USA)  

"Before taking Robin Jones' online lessons, I struggled with the basics of Irish Bouzouki. Robin's approach is comprehensive yet accessible, with a focus on authentic techniques. He breaks down complex songs into manageable sections. Now, I'm confident and even performing! A must for any aspiring bouzouki player." 

Rhian - Irish Bouzouki Student (CAN) 

"Robin has an amazing amount of patience.  He has taken on a student (me) with years of classical, theory, and woodwind training and absolutely no serious stringed instrument experience.  That is a major challenge and he is more than up for it. I have advanced at a pace I did not think was possible."

Carl - Irish Bouzouki Student (USA)

"I’ve found my mandolin lessons with Robin very motivating and productive. He is an expert and highly observant teacher with a knack for turning the online setting into a really positive learning environment."

Roger - Mandolin Student (UK)  

“Robin Jones is a fantastic Irish tenor banjo teacher! I have been having lessons for the past 9 months and have learned so much - practical tips and skills, musicality and understanding music. He is patient and has a well thought out creative plan and teaching method. I would recommend Robin to anyone - either a complete beginner like myself or someone who is just looking to hone their skills.” 

Lou - Irish Tenor Banjo Student (Scotland)  

"Robin’s lessons are in a relaxed and friendly way but with careful attention to detail. The lessons are understanding of the players ability and move at a comfortable pace. Most useful are the Recap video’s that follow a lesson and I like the approach in teaching that involves listening to learn. My playing on the Irish Bouzouki improved (in my opinion) quickly. Very good and well worth doing whatever your level of playing”.  

Dave - Irish Bouzouki Student (UK) 

"Robin is the kindest, most helpful teacher I could have wished for.  He's focused my attention on developing skills and theory, but also kept playing fun with lots of tunes, including a whole bag of ornamentation and style ideas.  You'll be surprised at the difference." 

Rupert - Celtic Mandolin Student (UK) 

“I've been having online tenor banjo lessons with Robin for nearly a year and he's an excellent teacher, patient and knowledgeable. He's been carefully walking me through the basics of Irish folk tune types and proper banjo technique over Zoom, and in between lessons he's sent me short videos to help with my practice. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made; cheers Robin!” 

Paul - Irish Tenor Banjo Student (UK)  

“The best music teachers are the ones who can identify weaknesses in your playing and immediately suggest ways to fix them. Robin is fantastic at both-one of the best teachers with whom I've studied. He's always cheerful and supportive, and makes the lessons fun without sacrificing rigour. He tailors his lesson to his students to focus on their interests. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” 

Jay - Irish Bouzouki / Celtic Mandolin Student (USA) 

"Robin Jones is a phenomenal online instructor for the Irish bouzouki. His passion and expertise shine through every lesson. He breaks down complexities, making them accessible for all. Thanks to him, I've found my musical voice. Highly recommended!” 

David - Irish Bouzouki Student (IRE) 

“Robin is the real deal! I played piano and a little uke as a kid so I’m really a beginner- in the first lesson , so much clicked! Not that anyone but me would notice! Robin is warm and friendly and explains things sooo well!!! I signed up for a series!!”  

Michelle - Celtic Mandolin Student (USA) 

“Robin is an extremely upbeat, attentive, and patient teacher. He is genuinely interested in what the student wants to get out of their lessons and tailors the learning accordingly. Robin is accommodating to students' learning styles and needs and, most importantly, keeps it fun! I would highly recommend him as a teacher for anyone.” 

Mylene - Celtic Mandolin Student (USA) 

“Robin has great patience and is very good at explaining what and how to hold and play the banjo. I would definitely recommend Robin as a tenor banjo teacher.” 

Damien - Tenor Banjo Student (IRE) 

“Online tenor banjo lessons with Robin are very personalised, highly recommended!"

Catherine - Tenor Banjo Student (IRE) 

“Robin is very attentive to his students needs finding ways to challenge the student as well as keeping the lesson upbeat. Especially with students who struggle with learning things.” 

Kim - Celtic Mandolin Student (USA)  

“Now that I have taken a couple lessons with Robin I can confidentially say that he definitely puts a lot of effort into these lessons. In the first lesson he started playing some SOAD on the bouzouki after asking what kind of music I listen to, so don't worry about having a purist or someone who sticks to one kind of genre. He is very good at identifying problems in how you play and willing to work around a difficult schedule, I would definitely recommend Robin if you are interested in learning Bouzouki.” 

Niko - Irish Bouzouki Student (USA)  

“If you want to learn tenor banjo, Robin is the tutor for you! Robin is able to provide you with clear and precise instruction that helps you feel relaxed and reassured to pick up and learn this wonderful instrument. Robin’s lessons are fun, insightful and enjoyable. He creates an environment where you feel comfortable and is able to engage you with his personable and patient manner. Robin is brilliant at his craft and his enthusiasm for the instrument is contagious. I can’t wait to see where I go on my banjo adventure and I am so lucky to have Robin to mentor me on this journey.” 

Conor - Irish Tenor Banjo Student (UK) 

“Learning the Irish Bouzouki with Robin has been a life-changing experience. He is a supportive, caring, and motivating teacher who always makes me feel excited to learn more and to realise my potential. He has years of teaching experience which shows through in his considerate, methodical, and professional teaching style. He always brings out the best in me, makes lessons fun and gives me confidence that I can achieve my goals!” 

Matt - Irish Bouzouki Student (UK) 

“Robin has taught me an incredible amount in a short period. His clever choice of songs for my beginner abilities has helped me to learn the mechanics of the mandolin, and more importantly, the music theory that supports all future progress. He is kind, patient, and generous with his knowledge and skill. I’m getting much closer to my goal of being able to identify keys by ear and to play along with confidence, thanks to his expert guidance.” 

Laurie - Mandolin Student (USA) 

"Robin is great tutor, I've been having Mandolin lessons with him for about 3 months now and my playing and technique has come on massively! He's clear and patient with his teaching and the lessons have really given me a new passion for learning music. Couldn't recommend him enough. " 

Phill - Celtic Mandolin Student (UK)    

"Through Robin Jones' online lessons, my Irish bouzouki journey has come a long way. He demystifies challenging techniques with ease and patience. His passion for the craft is contagious. Now, I play with confidence and joy. Can't thank him enough!” 

Pete - Irish Bouzouki Student (USA) 

“Awesome, awesome lesson. I am learning so much and having so much fun! Robin is the best. He is skilled in both playing and teaching, and the lessons are very organized and structured for ongoing progress in terms of training my musical ear, advancing my technical knowledge and skill, and improving my physical strength for playing. So thankful I found him as an instructor! I hope to take many more lessons.” 

Kellin - Celtic Mandolin Student (USA) 

"Robin Jones' online tenor banjo lessons were a revelation! He simplifies complex tunes, making them graspable. My playing has flourished in ways I never thought I could. Robin's expertise and passion shine through. Highly recommend!"  

Findlay - Tenor Banjo Student (IRE)