About Robin

As well as giving folk music lessons online, Robin is also one third of the BBC Folk Award-winning folk trio The Trials of Cato.

Described by BBC 2's Mark Radcliffe as 'one of the real discoveries on the folk circuit in recent times', the band's award-winning debut 'Hide and Hair' and well-received 2022 follow-up 'Gog Magog' features Robin on mandolin, tenor banjo and Irish bouzouki. He also sings and contributes lyrics and songs to the band

Robin plays a Paul Shippey 'Axe' mandolin as well as a Shippey 'Axe' Irish bouzouki.

"My approach is focused on the personal goals of the student and, most importantly, their genuine enjoyment of the music we are working on.

I don't think learning a musical instrument has to be an exercise in torture! It should be an exciting journey which equips the student with the tools to express their musicality on their own terms." - Robin

"Robin has taught me an incredible amount in a short period. His clever choice of songs for my beginner abilities has helped me to learn the mechanics of the mandolin, and more importantly, the music theory that supports all future progress. He is kind, patient, and generous with his knowledge and skill. I’m getting much closer to my goal of being able to identify keys by ear and to play along with confidence, thanks to his  guidance.

Laurie - Mandolin Student